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We  open 7 days! Even if for the bad weather we still keep opening for serving our value customers !
(All services tax included and no tips necessary conditions applied)

What’s the difference between machine wash and hand wash? Most important difference is machine doesn’t have eyes. Human have an eye can see which area need to apply more pressure. The result is you get much cleaner car in the end.

Another difference is machine are rough while human hand are very gentle. The machine sometimes could scratch your car while human hand with eyes are very gentle and careful with your car.

And we must not forget the importance of pre-wash. With all our wash services before we begin the shampoo, we start with power pre-wash to get rid of the dust and dirt that could potentially scratch the surface of your car’s paint.

Following three services are our most popular services.

1. Exterior Wash: This is our fast and economical option. For some people, their cars are very clean inside. All they need is a quick wash outside. This is their best option.

2. Interior Wash: Don’t be surprise. Many people come to us just for the interior clean that include vacuuming, clean the windows, doors, dash board and center console.

3. Executive Wash: Enjoy great saving with great package price. Executive Wash is exterior and interior all together.

4. Carpet and Seats Shampoo: Detailing carpet and seats with steam cleaning and shampoo. Getting excellent results for your car and fresh smell by taking out the stains and dirty spots throughout shampooing carpets and seats. Avoiding breathing dirty and contaminated air inside your car.

5.Daily special (每天特价):
-$199: interior cleaning + carpets shampooed and exterior wash+wheels cleaned;内饰清洁+ 清洗车内地毯+ 洗车身和轮毂;
-$299: interior cleaning + carpets and seats shampoo and exterior wash + wheels cleaned; 内饰清洁+ 清洗车内地毯和座椅+ 洗车身和轮毂;
-$399: interior cleaning + carpets and seats shampoo and exterior wash + wheels cleaned and car body wax. 内饰清洁 + 清洗车内地毯和座椅+ 洗车身和轮毂 + 车身打蜡。

6. COVID-19/coronavirus: deep cleaning and sanitizing $299 per car.

Complete Deep Cleaning And Sanitizing whole car special $299 per Car

7 Day Re-Wash Warranty

Any wash or service you get from us. Within 7 days, if you find anything not done right.
We will re-wash, re-shampoo and re-wax at no extra charge.

You want more than just a wash? Here is our Auto Detailing Services:

Polish & Wax: Wax can protect the paint coat of your car. It’s good to do it twice an year to keep your car in top condition.


Shampoo – Carpets, Seats & Engine: You spill something on your carpet? No problem. We can do the shampoo for you and returning it to top condition.


Leather Conditioning: Leather needs conditioning every six months to prevent drying and cracking. Sometimes, it’s the color from your jeans transfer to the seat. We can do the leather treatment to clean up the stain as well.

 leather treatment

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